Getting what you want by starting with “Why”

Why would anyone want to be a better communicator?

(Watch on Youtube 2.08 mins) Usually it’s about the ability to influence others or express yourself with confidence. But as many conflicts come from miscommunication. it can also be about finding a bit more harmony with your partner, boss, teacher or friend,

How does face to face communication really help us in such a ‘screen based’ society?

More success at work

Firstly take a look at job listings on any recruitment site and you’ll see that almost all of them, no matter what category, list ‘strong communication skills’ as a requirement. Even if you’re not looking for a job, research shows that employers value people who can not only problem solve but communicate well with others.

Influence others

Then there’s those who are naturally brilliant communicators such as Amanda Gorman, Oprah Winfrey, Russell Brand and Jacinda Aderne. They are vastly different people with vastly different agendas, but all have a natural talent for speaking.  Their ability to communicate makes them more effective at what they do. But you don’t need to be seeking fame or want to change the world to want to be a better communicator. You can ‘find your why’ by looking a little closer to home.

Get things done

Have you noticed that the good communicators around you not only seem to get things done, they often get what they want? There’s usually at least one kid in class who can always express the answers really clearly, a teacher who’s not a total bore, and that person in group meetings who seems to bring out everyone’s best ideas. Maybe if you could learn just a few of their skills then you might get slightly higher grades, become a better leader or help others become more involved in group activities. 

Learn skills for life

To find our “why”, we can also embrace the concept of life-long learning.  When school, Uni or the role you’re currently in is finished, you still continue to learn. Look at David Attenborough, an accomplished scientist, natural historian and film making super star, but he’s still learning in his 90’s. He is a living demonstration that that age and experience are not barriers to growth.

Collaborate with others

And if you look at all those great communicators, be it the famous ones or those you know personally, they usually have great people around them. The ability to develop and share ideas leads to better collaboration which often means better results.

So if you think about all the little improvements to your communication skills you could make along the way, there’s no doubt they will have a positive and powerful impact on your life.

Pepita Bulloch
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