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12-22 Year olds | By Appointment

In all stages of life there are so many conversations, presentations and interviews that require great communication skills. So whether you’re in the final year of primary school, finding your feet in high school or have made the transition to Uni, you might need a bit of help speaking to a group. . Sometimes, just struggling through isn’t enough. Maybe, you want to really make an impact and learn how to be heard, with confidence and clarity.

Learn how to: speak with confidence; prepare and deliver verbal assessments; and organise and express your ideas without the stress.

Plus, you’ll receive practice exercises and tips to keep you inspired and motivated.

I can help you as a one off to brush up on an upcoming speech or create a specific program to meet your specific needs.

First session is free.






With one-on-one or small group coaching, there’s no pressure to perform and everyone participates in their own space and time.

I will give you the hacks to overcome nerves and speak publicly with confidence and authority.

Find greater success in class assessments, work or teacher interviews, tutorials, group discussions, school speeches and debates.

You will learn how to think quickly and find the right words at the right time, control you nerves, learn new skills to create compelling stories and how to structure your ideas so they not only make sense to you, but everyone else.

For a full description of all the exercises, please email or call 0419 902 345.

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Date TBC
9.00am – 3.00pm

Tom Dadour Community Centre, 363 Bagot Rd, Subiaco.

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