MC | Moderator

Be it an event, conference, workshop, or strategy session, getting the team together is a great way to innovate, problem solve and plan. Sometimes you might have a guest or expert coming to speak to your team, or there’s an event that’s at risk of becoming a snooze-fest without someone to help inject a bit of energy and momentum into the day.

I can help stimulate new ideas and inspire different ways of thinking.

I can also help by:

  • Creating a dynamic agenda with a clear set of tasks so your meeting has purpose.
  • Bring games, ice breakers and other exercises to get team members engaged, enthusiastic and thinking outside the box.
  • Perform one on one interviews and brainstorming sessions to get people thinking and communicating differently.
  • Be a mediator between competing ideas or teams to help get all participants cooperating.

Facilitation applications:

  • Strategy planning to help deeply interrogate ideas and ensure integrity in the process of sharing.
  • Conferences where you need someone to ‘break up’ the day by providing stimulating, thought provoking exercises that encourage ‘big picture’ thinking.
  • Use ‘on stage’ interviews or panel discussions rather than lectures to provide more engaging conversations.
  • Online sessions (using Zoom or your preferred meeting platform) where people are spread out in different locations and need a central “MC” to record and collate information.

What’s in it for you?

  • An assurance that workshops will have clear outcomes without discussions going around and around with no clear decision
  • More meaningful and purposeful dialogue between participants
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness for your time commitment

How it works

Let me know what you want to achieve, and I can create a conference, event or workshop format to help you get there.

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