Presentation Coaching

Good communication skills are consistently listed as one of the top 5 skills sought by employers, yet few of us know how to improve our speaking and presenting skills. I’ve got an extensive range of really easy, fun and practical exercises to help you go from ‘satisfactory’ to ‘excellent’ in a matter of weeks.

Presentation coaching starts by learning how to transfer your ‘relaxed state’ into your ‘on stage state,’ by giving you verbal, visual and mental tools to help you get from one point to the next. I can teach you how to remain focused, get out of trouble when you talk yourself into a corner and prepare for a successful presentation.

Good for those presenting:

  • At conferences 
  • To the Board, staff meetings or gatherings of stakeholders
  • For teachers, Principals or other education staff 
  • To mixed audiences such as staff and partners, kids and adults, industry and lay people
  • To sporting clubs
  • At community forums, council meetings or local action groups

How it works

One on one coaching – Begins with a 90 min introductory session and continues for an hour a week for an agreed period (usually 6 weeks).

Team workshops for up to 12 people delivered as 2 short sessions or a half day.

I come to your office/place of work, bring all equipment needed for recording and playback (usually an iphone so you can watch/improve/delete each practice.) Follow-up with one on one coaching or homework tasks which can be done via zoom/phone. 

Pep Talk Presentation Coaching

comes with a resources kit containing practice drills, background information, ‘get out of jail’ terms and a presentation structure template.

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