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Every workshop is designed to build capacity, competency and confidence in communication using role play and interactive games. Sessions can fit into 45 minute lessons or for a more comprehensive experience, a weekly workshop over several weeks.

Boundaries and Consent

Curriculum Links to Health and Physical Education Yrs 8-12 Holding boundaries and giving informed consent are must-have skills for every young person. Schools are now tasked with the role of teaching young people how to express boundaries and understand consent in complex social situations. Helping students develop better communication skills ensures they can formulate and verbalise their wishes in multiple scenarios. I teach them how to hold boundaries without losing face and to speak with integrity using non-confrontational language. 

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Public Speaking

Curriculum links to English (Speaking and Listening)| Yrs 9-12

Many students fail to develop basic face to face communication skills due to the over use of social media and the lack of oppotunities to speak in formal settings. This puts them at a huge disadvantage as they enter the workforce and university. My communication ‘quick start’ guide, gives young people the skills and tools they need to cope with job interviews and speaking to adults.  Although many schools seek to help students develop verbal communication skills many students miss out because they lack the confidence to put themselves forward for speaking opportunities.

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