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Confident girl verbal assessment at uni

Career Quick Start - Uni and 20's Women | Freo

This ‘quick start’ guide to effective communication gives you the hacks to find greater success at work and uni. Presenting in a tutorial or pitching ideas at work can be intimidating, but you can learn how to deliver your message with strength and confidence. Learn More

Digital Detox - Speaking Face to Face

Using social media is easy for most, but talking face-to-face can often be awkward and embarrassing. So put away the phone for a few hours and learn how to connect and communicate with confidence. Gain excellent verbal presentation skills which will serve you for life. Learn More

Private Coaching - Confident being You

In all stages of life there are so many conversations, presentations and interviews that require great communication skills. So whether you’re in the final year of primary school and need to prepare for the transition to high school, finding your feet in the senior years or have made through to Uni, you might need a bit of help speaking to a group. If you’re shy and want to gain more confidence, or are already confident but want to improve your leadership, debating or speaking skills, I can help.  Learn More

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